THE ELECTRIC DECADE: Looking Back At The Joint Workshop By Horizon Europe projects In The Chemical Industry

17 January 2024 – Five Horizon Europe projects organised a joint online workshop: The Electric Decade. The main objective of the event was to present how to scale up various innovative electrification technologies for the chemical industry to ensure reaching the EU’s climate goals. The event was organised by the e-CODUCT* project, co-organised by EReTech*, ēQATOR*, TITAN and STORMING. Two experts, Franz Hörzenberger (ArcelorMittal) and Walter Vermeiren (Total...

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(Bio)methane cracking: Solutions for carbon-negative hydrogen and solid carbon production

The successful (Bio)methane Cracking Webinar organized by three EU-funded projects (COLDSPARK, STORMING and TITAN) took place Wednesday 27 September, gathering experts and innovators across Europe from both industry and academia. This webinar marked a substantial audience of 111 people, showcasing the interest in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, also showcasing a high level of engagement with numerous questions and discussions. ...

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2nd Consortium meeting and General Assembly 

On 13 and 14 September, EEIP had the pleasure to host the 2nd STORMING Consortium meeting and General Assembly in Brussels. It was the occasion to meet in person after the successful on-boarding of a new project partner, NIC from Slovenia, resulting from the widening call/hop-on facility from the European Commission.  Project Partners were joined at the beginning of the meeting by...

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The three-day Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis and Green Catalysis took place in Lausanne at EPFL from the 17th to the 19th of July. The program focused on artificial photosynthesis and green catalysis, with the main topics being solar-assisted water splitting, photoelectrochemical reduction of CO2, circular carbon and hydrogen economy and methane decomposition. Professor Patricia Benito from Unibo presented STORMING vision through an oral presentation, highlighting the EU policies on renewable energy, the methane decomposition...

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