Throughout its life, STORMING will seek to find common synergies and objectives with other EU projects, to increase its reach to as many interested parties as possible, starting off with two sister projects:

Direct biogas conversion to green H2 and carbon materials by scalable microwave heaTed catalytIc reacTor for soil Amendment and silicon carbide production
TITAN project will develop an innovative process that will enable production of cost-competitive hydrogen together with integrated carbon sequestration. It will be achieved by the direct conversion of biogas (CO2containing methane-rich feedstock) into hydrogen and valuable carbon materials. The project will also consider further valorisation to power, chemicals and fuels.
Coldspark driven energy and cost-efficient methane cracking for hydrogen production
The project plans to develop innovative technology for eliminating CO2 emissions stemming from conventional hydrogen production. The novel solution is to produce sustainable hydrogen from methane or biomethane, on the grounds that the use of cold plasma would yield an energy conversion rate of 85 % with zero CO2emissions.