The three-day Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis and Green Catalysis took place in Lausanne at EPFL from the 17th to the 19th of July. The program focused on artificial photosynthesis and green catalysis, with the main topics being solar-assisted water splitting, photoelectrochemical reduction of CO2, circular carbon and hydrogen economy and methane decomposition. Professor Patricia Benito from Unibo presented STORMING vision through an oral presentation, highlighting the EU policies on renewable energy, the methane decomposition reaction, and the types of catalysts and reactors designs which will be involved in the project.

The PhD student Ilenia Giarnieri took part in a poster session, exposing the involved catalysts synthesis method, the catalytic tests, and hydrogen and carbon nanotube production. The congress hosted different oral contributions and a poster session and it came as an opportunity to strengthen relations between companies and academics in the Green Catalysis sector. Moreover, it was a contact point between STORMING and Sun2Chem and 112CO2 projects.