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The three-day Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis and Green Catalysis took place in Lausanne at EPFL from the 17th to the 19th of July. The program focused on artificial photosynthesis and green catalysis, with the main topics being solar-assisted water splitting, photoelectrochemical reduction of CO2, circular carbon and hydrogen economy and methane decomposition. Professor Patricia…

Hydrogen & P2X 2023

This year, the Hydrogen & P2X conference will focus on topics like the latest regulations and policies, the transformation of existing grids and building new ones, hydrogen storage technologies, industrial applications of hydrogen, generation of clean energy and decarbonization of…

Hydrogen 2023

Reuters Events Hydrogen 2023 conference and exhibition unites global public and private sector leaders – from energy producers, off-takers, financiers, technology providers and policymakers with one mission, to move hydrogen from pilot to full-scale bankable projects. Register now!