STORMING at Jornada de los Institutos Universitarios de Investigación

Under the “Jornada de los Institutos Universitarios de Investigación”, a day dedicated to bringing closer together different research lines from different research institutes, that share the same synergies or fields. This year it took place on the 14th of June, at Zaragoza University and David Martín Moya was present representing STORMING consortium and participating in an elevator pitch contest where he quickly explained the fundamental core of the STORMING project, highlighting the line of research of INMA (Institute of nanoscience and materials of Aragon), and focusing on the catalyst design. 

David’s role in STORMING project passes by designing the catalyst composition and trying the different operating conditions in order to enhance the production and productivity of high-quality carbon nanotubes (CNTs). 

Find here the presentation and video (presentation given in Spanish).