1st General Assembly and Consortium Meeting 

At the beginning of March, STORMING consortium got together in sunny Seville, Spain, to review and share some early conclusions, discuss the next steps, and align expectations concerning the project’s progress. 

Luckily, at least one representative of each partner was able to join, which allowed the meeting to flow easily and without issues, having still some colleagues joining online. From the scientific point of view, a couple of presentations took place from our research partners, sharing the results of Density Functional Theory calculations to model the catalysts. Partners demonstrated as well that the preparation, characterization, and testing of the iron-based catalysts is proceeding with a high degree of collaboration among them, and the next month’s experimental activities were planned. 

On the communications and dissemination side, the project is progressing as well according to plan, having decided on a few opportunities for further dissemination and reach across Europe, and establishing a plan to execute in the following months, regarding events and engagement, particularly on social media and website. Stay tuned for what is coming!

At the Faculty of Chemistry of Sevilla University, the first General Assembly took place too, and the group voted and decided on the project’s Risk Manager and Innovation Manager, being elected, respectively Reyes Mallada and Anton Sholten. 

Apart from the very productive meeting, partners got to network and enjoy the city for the two days in which it took place.